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Soil Info Discussion Points

Soil Info Discussion Points

Dirt refers to any loose soil, dust or mud that makes something “unclean” and does not support life. Example: Sweep the dirt off the floor

Soil is a mixture of minerals, organic matter, gases, water and countless organisms that support life

“Organic” refers to compounds that come from living matter

“Inorganic” refers to compounds that are derived from non-­living matter

Minerals are naturally occurring inorganic compounds

The five major minerals in soil that plants need to grow are: ­Nitrogen (N) ­Calcium (Ca) ­Potassium (K) ­Phosphorus (P) ­Magnesium (Mg)

Compost is a mixture of decomposed organic matter

“Organic food” is food produced without the use of chemical fertilizers or herbicides

Fertilizer is a substance added to soil to promote plant growth

Properties of organic fertilizer:
● Derived from living organisms
● Requires bacteria in the soil to release nutrients slowly

● Contains micronutrients

Properties of Synthetic Fertilizers

-Manmade in a lab 

-Dissolves in water and is quickly absorbed by the plants

-Does not contain micronutrients and may destroy microbes in the soil

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