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Garden of Bliss Curriculum

Life is Bliss
The goal of the Garden of Bliss curriculum is to establish Bliss in the awareness of each student and help them be at home with all the laws of nature which govern their world. We have found that the more comfortable our students are with the natural processes at work in growing the food that they eat, the more comfortable they will be with those same laws of nature at work in all aspects of their lives.


Through the Garden of Bliss Seed-to-Table program, students make a real connection to the food they eat. They plant, care and tend the vegetables and fruits they will later harvest, cook, and eat together. 


Our Seed-to-Table curriculum has been highlighted by the nationally acclaimed Edible Schoolyard Project in Berkeley California, founded by National Humanities Award Winner Alice Watters. The seed-to-table curriculum includes lessons on seeds and plants as well as nutrition, cooking and culture. 


Overall, our students are establishing life-long patterns of healthy eating and developing a passion for good food, creating happier individuals and families.​


Project-based Authentic Learning

Project-based learning is a nationwide trend in education as well as a state-of-the-art educational tool. It is a fabulous way for students to gain "hands-on" experience and own a project from start to finish. At the Garden of Bliss, students have had the opportunity to create their own greenhouse entrance, build a cob oven, and create a garden ID program to help identify the many gardens throughout campus.


As an example, Olivia’s Greenhouse Entrance started out as a simple plan by one of our Middle School girls to beautify the area just inside the main doors of the greenhouse. By the time Olivia was done, she had enlisted the help of a local masonry expert, hosted a bake sale at a local business to raise funds to buy materials and brought in two business leaders to help her lay out the project on vision boards. The result - a much more confident student who accomplished more than she originally thought possible. The Garden of Bliss now has Olivia’s Greenhouse Entrance with a walk made of Colorado limestone leading into a beautiful natural learning space for the children.

Seed to Table
Project based
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