Senior SL Class Learns to Prune

On a warm spring day, the Sustainable Living Class had a crash course in pruning. The Garden of Bliss courtyard orchard contains twelve apple, four pear and two plum trees that we havest in the fall for apple pies, jelly and great snacks. Thanks to the senior SL classes for making light work of a big job!

Planting Spring Spinach

Our first trip to the greenhouse for the 3/4 boys included raking and prepping the garden beds for spinach. Once the furrows are ready, each boy plants a handful of spinach seed and gently covers them with soil. Nothing is more fun than hands in the dirt, except maybe a wriggling worm!

"Muscle Up" in the Greenhouse

Do you know what muscles you're using when you work in the garden? Well, the 5th-6th grade classes took their Physiology lessons to the greenhouse to see just that - what muscles were at work while they were busy making potting soil and prepping the garden beds. Each group had a group leader responsible for logging the observations, including changes in their pulse at rest and at work. The teachers were really excited to see the greenhouse experience connect with their studies. Applied Sciences at Maharishi School!

Spring Seed Planting

Today, the 3rd-4th grade Maharishi School students used the potting soil we mixed two weeks ago to start our spring seed plantings. We began with the cool weather crops: broccoli, chard, kale, collards, leeks and even some nastursiums. The children were fascinated by the different sizes and shapes of the seeds we planted. It was snowy outside yet eighty degrees in the sunny greenhouse. Because we are an unheated greenhouse, we still decided to place the seed trays in cold frames on soil warming wires. This helps keep them warm enough to germinate even when the temperatures dip into the twenties and thirties at night.

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