Seed Sisters

In this lesson, the students learn which veggies are related to one another

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In this lesson students will be able to:

  • Identify the seeds of different veggies

  • Note the characteristics of seeds that help identify family groups

  • Know the veggies that are related to each other

Bliss Value: Knowledge comes from inside and outside


Ripe tomatoes, peppers, cucumber, squash


Cut tomatoes, peppers, cucumber and squash into several pieces with seeds in tack

Place a piece of each veggie on a plate, one plate for each group


In the opening circle:

  • Ask the students how they can identify people who are related (sisters, brothers, mom and daughter, etc)

  • What makes them the same or different

  • Talk about the veggies on the plate, comparing characteristics and have them guess which veggies are related

  • Draw there attention to the shape and size of the seeds and explain that it is the seeds that determine in what family a plant belongs

  • Ask again if they can determine the veggies that are sisters

  • The tomatoes and peppers are from the night shade family which also includes eggplant and potatoes.

  • The cucumbers and squash are in the cucurbit family which contains cucumbers, pumpkins and all varieties of squash

  • Enjoy eating the veggies (I also bring pumpkin seeds as a snack)

In closing circle:

Ask each student if they learned something new about plant families. What did they like about this lesson?

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