LEAP Academy Project

As a community service project for the Indian Hills LEAP Academy, Maharishi School seniors Michael Corazza, Mickey DeAngelis and Leanna Miller built a roof for our cob oven with the help of faculty members Michael Cook and Mark Wilkens. To celebrate their success, they hosted the first Maharishi School Cob Oven pizza party!

Digging Potatoes

Every year, the 3rd and 4th graders harvest potatoes. Actually, we have a treasure hunt to see who can find the biggest and the smallest potato of the year. They love it.

Apple Abundance!

We encourage our students to enjoy eating a fresh apple on their way to class. We let them know when they are ready to pick. See the sign on the tree to the right: it says "Not Yet!" A bumper crop of apples allowed us to make apple crisp, apple pies and here, some 10th grade boys are making apple cider in our new cider press.

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The Garden of Bliss is located on the campus of Maharishi School in Fairfield, Iowa.

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