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Let's Eat Dirt!

In this lesson, the students learn the difference between dirt and soil and how soil is created. They learn about the elements plants need to grow and the difference between organic and synthetic fertilizers. They complete the lesson by making a tasty "dirt" pudding.



In this lesson students will be able to:

-Know the difference between soil and dirt

-Learn the components of good soil

-Know the difference between organic and inorganic substances vs organic and nonorganic food

-Learn about organic and synthetic fertilizers

Learn how to make a tasty "dirt" dessert

Bliss Value: Get your hands in the soil and eat the dirt!


Poster showing how soil is created from bedrock

4x6 cards with info on lesson

Recipe and ingredients for Non-Dairy Chocolate Pudding

Crushed chocolate wafers

Gummy worms


Have all materials ready in kitchen

Make 4x6 Soil Info cards



In the opening circle:

  • Ask students if they know the difference between soil and dirt

  • Make Non-Dairy Chocolate Pudding and place in fridge (or freezer for quick cool)

  • Show the diagram of Layers of Soil to explain how soil is made

  • Pass out 4x6 cards with Soil Info Discussion Points and discuss each card as it pertains to soil

  • Remove pudding from fridge and add chocolate crumbles and gummy worms

  • Serve and Enjoy!


In closing circle

Ask the students what they learned about soil and dirt. Emphasize the life value of soil and ask why it is important to protect our soil. Ask what they learned or enjoyed. Discuss the SCI principles that go with this lesson.


Supplemental Materials


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