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Cool as a Cucumber

In this lesson, the students learn where cucumbers originated, types of cucumbers, how to make agua fresca (cucumber-lime drink) and other uses for cucumbers



In this lesson students will be able to:

Identify different types of cucmbers

Learn many uses of cucumbers

Make Agua Fresca de Pepino (cucumber lime drink)

Bliss Value:

Enjoy the cool cucumber agua fresca


A variety of cucumbers to talk about (pickling, english, slicing, as well as unusual cukes such as gherkins, persian or lemon)

English cucumbers, sugar and limes to make Aqua Fresca de Pepino

Food processor, mesh sieve and pitcher


Gather as many different cucumbers as you can.

Have the ingredients for Agua Fresca de Pepino ready



In the opening circle:

  • Ask the students if they can identify the veggies on the table.

  • What makes them the same or different.

  • Explain that cucumbers originated in India and have been cultivated for about 3000 years. They were probably introduced to Europe by the Greeks or Romans

  • There are three main types of cucumbers: slicing, pickling and burpless or English cucumbers

  • Cucumbers have a cooling influence and are used to cool sunburn, reduce swelling (such as under eyes) and improve digestion

  • Set aside all but the english cucumbers and prepare for making agua fresca de pepino


In closing circle:

Ask each student if they learned something new about cucumbers. What did they like about this lesson?


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