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Pizza Pizzazz

In this lesson, the students learn to make pizza dough from scratch, build their own pizza and learn where pizza originated



In this lesson students will be able to:

Know how to make pizza dough

Learn how to keep pizza crust crispy

Learn best temperature to cook pizza

Learn where pizza originated

Bliss Value: The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Homemade pizza! Yum!!!


Pesto from previous class (if available)

Sauce from previous class (or store bought)


Bowls, cutting boards, and baking sheets


Have all materials ready in kitchen



In the opening circle:

  • Ask students if they know where pizza originated

  • Pizza was a peasant bread sold on the streets of Naples. Pizza became popular when a pizzaiolo (pizza maker) made a pizza for the queen, Margherita of Savoy. The tomatoes, buffalo cheese and basil on this special pizza represented the colors of the new Italian flag (red, white, green) and later became known as a Margherita pizza.

  • Form teams of three to make one batch of pizza to be divided to make 3 individual pizzas

  • Follow the 30 minute pizza recipe

  • Add precut toppings (preferably from the school garden, home garden or farmers market)

  • Bake in brick oven or conventional oven or quick freeze to take home to bake



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