Let's Eat Dirt!

In this lesson, the students learn the difference between dirt and soil and how soil is created. They learn about the elements plants need to grow and the difference between organic and synthetic fertilizers. They complete the lesson by making a tasty "dirt" pudding. #kitchen #science #grade3 #grade4 Objectives In this lesson students will be able to: -Know the difference between soil and dirt -Learn the components of good soil -Know the difference between organic and inorganic substances vs organic and nonorganic food -Learn about organic and synthetic fertilizers Learn how to make a tasty "dirt" dessert Bliss Value: Get your hands in the soil and eat the dirt! Materials Poster showing how

The Silk Road

In this lesson, the students learn about the Silk Road trading route and how it affected the cultures of Europe. They will trade foods from many regions and create a dish from the combination of the ingredients that not available in just one region. #kitchen #socialstudies #grade5 #grade6 Objectives In this lesson students will be able to: -Learn about the Silk Road and its importance in history -Learn the art of trading -Identify where specific foods originated -Make rice pudding Bliss Value: The whole is greater than the sum of the parts. Make and enjoy rice pudding Materials Enough pre-measured ingredients for each group to make the rice pudding recipe. A pot, custard cups and tea bags fo

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