Seed Sleuth

In this lesson, students identify vegetable families through deductive reasoning by observing and comparing their seeds #garden #science #grade3 #grade4 Objectives In this lesson students will: Identify plant families by comparing the characteristics of their seeds Learn about types of edible seeds Learn about other characteristics used to identify plant families ​ Bliss Value Discover how order is present everywhere Materials Place the following vegetables on individual plates: Slice of pepper with seeds intact Slice of ripe tomato with seeds Slice of cucumber with mature seeds Slice of pumpkin with seeds Broccoli floweret, with flowers and seed pods if possible (or seed from a packet) Kale

Worm Bin Composting

In this lesson, students learn about worm bin composting called vermiculture. They will fill the worm bin with bedding, find out what to feed the worms and care for the worm bin in the classroom. Construction of the worm bin can be done beforehand for younger grades and as a project for upper elementary or middle school students. #Garden #Science #grade3 #grade4 Objectives Students will be able to: Know the best kind of worms to use Know what materials are good for bedding Know which foods can or cannot be used Learn to identify worm bin problems Know how to use compost ​ Bliss Value Joy of connecting to nature Holding squiggly wiggly worms! Materials Materials to make a worm bin: 2-20 gallo

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